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Peer-Reviewed Research Published: Using a Cyber Biosensor to Measure Trace Lactose in Coloured and Flavoured Dairy Products

My former colleagues at CSIROKarine Caron, Lyndall Briggs, Murat GEL and Jian Wang, with a little help from myself, have published the third paper on our sensitive and robust lactose biosensor. This is an open access article, published in Talanta.

Some of the highlights:

  • The BRET-based biosensor was used to quantify lactose in white and flavoured milks.
  • The limit of detection was below that of the most stringent quantitative threshold for residual lactose in lactose-free dairy products.
  • The only sample preparation required for the most sensitive measurement was a five-fold dilution of the milk in water.
  • The assay was demonstrated on a portable device and took less than five minutes.
  • The assay was used to follow lactose hydrolysis, using commercial lactase, in near real time.

PPB Technology Pty Ltd is delighted to see this study published and congratulates all of the authors.

It’s worth noting that the portable device used in the published study was an earlier prototype, which has been superseded by 2nd Gen CYBERTONGUE®, just as fast and sensitive and much easier to use.

Read it here: