The Cybertongue® Company

Demonstrating Cybertongue at the Food Allergen Management Society 2023 Conference

Last week, I was at the Food Allergen Management Society’s 2023 Global Conference in Brisbane.

It was a great chance to meet up with our Commercialisation Facilitator Stephen Bradford, and in the space of a 30-minute tea break, I was able to set up PPB Technology Pty Ltd‘s #CYBERTONGUE Device and demonstrate two tests to him.

Stephen professed himself delighted to see the difference that the Accelerating Commercialisation (AC) grant made to our company. AC was critical in helping us get the technology ready for first sale, within 18 months of the project commencement.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen, his predecessor Andre Tan and their senior colleague Rob Crombie as well as all others involved in helping us secure this critical funding.

As many of you know, the AC Program is now shutting down. We all look forward to its replacement being as rigorous and even more helpful in accelerating Australia’s high-tech future.