The Cybertongue® Company

CYBERTONGUE® Food Testing System Wins Best in Class Australian Good Design Award for Medical and Scientific Equipment

Going into Friday night’s Good Design Awards we knew that we had won a Gold Award (top five) in our category. What we found out at 10 pm, was that we had been awarded Best in Class in the Medical and Scientific Equipment category. Truly a spine-tingling moment.

Here are a few amateur photos of the event. Much better professional photos will follow.

As I said in my acceptance speech:

“Everybody cares about food and how fresh and safe it is. The problem with current laboratory testing is that, for a number of decisions, results arrive too late to make a difference. This is where the CYBERTONGUE® System comes into its own.

The original #CYBERTONGUE invention was nurtured by the CSIRO then developed into a product by PPB Technology Pty Ltd , Tricycle Developments and Xentronics and manufactured with additional specialist assistance from Advanced Molecular Technologies and AsureQuality Diagnostics.

A huge thank you to all the individuals in those and other organisations who have helped us reach this point. Truly it took a village to raise this technology. We are that village and we share credit for this prestigious award.