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  1. On-the-spot trace lactose test for flavored and unflavored lactose-free dairy beverages

    Paper on detecting trace lactose in both flavoured and unflavoured lactose-free beverages

  2. Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer biosensor for measuring activity of a protease secreted by Pseudomonas fluorescens growing in milk

    Paper on protease measurement in milk using Cybertongue technology

  3. Highly Sensitive and Selective Biosensor for a Disaccharide Based on an AraC-Like Transcriptional Regulator Transduced with Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer

    Paper on quantifying sugars in complex media using novel bio-sensing techniques

  4. A rapid and sensitive biosensor for measuring plasmin activity in milk

    Paper on using biosensors to test plasmin activity in milk

  5. Development and characterisation of a compact device for rapid real-time-on-chip detection of thrombin activity in human serum using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET)

    Paper on detecting thrombin activity using bioluminescence resonance energy transfer

  6. Resonance Energy Transfer-Based Biosensors for Point-of-Need Diagnosis—Progress and Perspectives

    Paper on point-of-need diagnostic devices

  7. What is CYBERTONGUE Technology

    Video explaining how the CYBERTONGUE technology works

  8. The Future of Food Safety

    Video produced with the ANU on using the technology to enable food safety

  9. Instructional video for AprX Test

    This is an instructional video for the AprX technology