The Cybertongue® Company

Your food supply chain moves fast.

Testing needs to keep up.

In an era of uncertainty about food safety, quality and provenance, our CYBERTONGUE® technology gives producers, processors and retailers the tools they need to make fast decisions with confidence.

CYBERTONGUE® sources ultrasensitive and specific biosensors from nature and combines them with cutting edge microfluidic and photonic technologies, delivering laboratory quality results in minutes.


Our vision is to provide customers with the means to generate their own laboratory quality test results on the spot and in less than five minutes. This is revolutionary for food processing, farm production, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, animal health, environmental testing, and food safety industries.

Developed in partnership with the CSIRO, CYBERTONGUE® has the potential to make this vision a reality. Register your interest today.

How It Works

CYBERTONGUE® can measure a range of low-level components in complex liquid samples. Current applications include residual lactose in “lactose free” milk or protein-degrading enzymes in foods, beverages and a range of other biological samples. This can answer in minutes questions that, in some cases, would take ten days to answer using current testing methods.

The technology is protected by several granted and pending patents, and is currently being expanded to detect a range of other targets including: allergens, hormones, toxins, antibiotics and biomarkers of animal and human diseases.

We tailor solutions to inform real-time decision making across:

Food Processing

Safety & compliance, shelf-life, provenance, nutritional value


Real time tests for productivity, quality, profitability and health

Other Manufacturing Industries

Precise, real time analysis for process control and optimisation

Human Health

Point of care tests for diagnosis and patient stratification

About Us

PPB Technology is an Australian startup founded by Dr Stephen Trowell, who led the development of CYBERTONGUE® whilst at CSIRO.

PPB’s Chairman, John Lee, and non-executive directors, Jo Davey and James Balmer, contribute their wealth of experience in the Food Industry, Biomedical Research, Corporate Finance and Governance.


Demonstration video of the CYBERTONGUE® Device in use

PPB Technology has recently completed new instructional videos to support our CYBERTONGUE® trace lactose test. Here is a short snippet, showing how easy it is to use.

PPB Technology joins the 2020 Griffin Accelerator

PPB Technology is part of the 2020 Griffin Accelerator Cohort. We are recipients of a $25,000 Griffin grant and will be pitching for equity investment on 7th December.

PPB Technology wins a prize

PPB Technology is pleased to announce we have won a Eureka Award for Growth at the 3rd Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.

CYBERTONGUE® Trace Lactose Test

PPB Technology's CYBERTONGUE® Trace Lactose Test measures accurately in plain, coloured and flavoured dairy products. Do you need to monitor your lactose hydrolysis process, or verify compliance with reduced lactose or lactose free claims? If so, request a brochure through the contact form below.

Tech23 pitch

Our Founder, Stephen Trowell pitched at Tech23 in Sydney, October 23rd


PPB’s Founder, Stephen Trowell, was featured tonight in a short WIN News ACT segment on innovation…

Going Global - PPB Technology at SWITCH in Singapore 11-13th November 2019

PPB Technology was awarded the "Going Global" prize at Tech23 2019. The award supports PPB Technology to exhibit (Booth 5D05) as part of TechInnovation, during the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology. Come and say hello. Stephen will also be Crowdpitching on the TechInnovation Stage in Hall 5, 15:40-15:50 11th November.

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